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Tourism brochure project

November 2021


Choose a destination that you like and create a tourism brochure on Illustrator.

The goal is to promote the destination chosen thanks to beautiful pictures, adapted fonts and colors. By looking at this brochure, people must want to discover this destination.

As a final project, it is necessary to use all the knowledge and skills acquired during the Graphic Design class.


I obviously choose Portugal, my second homeland as the destination for my brochure. Portugal means a lot to me. I have family there and I am going almost every summer to visit. I really love this country, the culture, the food, and people.

For creating the design, I have the chance to already have an incalculable number of pictures I can use to design my brochure instead of taking pictures from Google.

My favorite part of my brochure is the mosaic. It is very typical in Portugal. You can find it on every wall when you walk in the street. So, I had to put it in my brochure in one way or another.