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My name is Lucie,

I was born in Rennes and have lived there pretty much all my life. I have always loved to travel, to discover new landscapes and cultures. But going to the United States for a year, for my master’s degree, is a radical change in my quiet life.

A radical change chosen because, yes, sometimes it’s good to shake things up a bit. A good way for me to learn, to open myself to the world, and live the American dream, the real one.

After having covered everything about business management during my three years of studies (marketing, human resources, finance, and so on), I finally chose marketing. It’s as if I had always known it. The art of selling, of putting something forth, that’s what I like and passionate about. I could not be grateful enough to UWA for both the personal and professional growth opportunities attending that institution has given me this year.

I am incredibly lucky today to be able to combine the best of both worlds in my projects and creations, and to be able to build my own artistic identity.

My services


  • Logo
  • Moodboard
  • Branding pieces (business card, letterhead, envelope)
  • Goodies


  • Social media strategy
  • Social media analysis
  • Comercial photography
  • Poster and brochure