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April 2022


Brand identity is the set of values, visuals, and messages that have been created to represent the company and its products. Over the years, brand identity has evolved and adapted to new customer expectations. This process of revitalizing the brand is called rebranding.


For this rebranding project, I chose to focus on the brand image of The Atlantic, an American magazine and multi-platform publisher. It features articles on politics, foreign affairs, business, and the economy, culture and the arts, technology, and science. Like Boston, the city where all began, The Atlantic embellishes its pages with poems and elaborate illustrations. Founded by a group of writers a few years before the Civil War, its mission was to be the mouthpiece of the American idea.

Known since its creation to be a magazine for an audience quite mature, it is time for THE Atlantic to conquer a new audience much younger thanks to rebranding.

Key problem: How can the magazine create a sustainable younger audience?


The current logo of The Atlantic does not express enough modernity and stays in this literary dimension that probably refers to his strong intellectual heritage.

My objective for the rebranding was to give a good shot of freshness to the current logo that would be more relevant and evocative to the new generation of readers.


Along with creating a new logo for the journal, I chose to work on the mood board by:

  • Choosing a more modern color scheme
  • Changing current fonts
  • Redefining clearly brands values
  • Suggesting a tagline