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November 2021


Create a cover and a double page magazine with the theme of our choice. This project allows to combine our photography skills and graphic design skills, which makes it more complete at the end.

Several steps must be followed for this final project:

    • Choose a theme
    • Plan a photoshoot and choose a model and a set-up related to your theme
    • Invent your name and your headline
    • Create the design of the magazine
    • Put the final version of the magazine in a mock-up

For a change, I have decided to do a sport magazine and to take as a model Loic, a tennis player of the University of West Alabama. The shoot took place on the tennis court of the university at the end of the day, on purpose to have a better light.

Concerning the magazine, I choose to create a soft and simple design, to attract mens and an athletic audience. And what else then a red color theme to represent my university.

Shoot Result

Final design