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March 2021


This project was a group work that consisted in creating a company from A to Z, with an innovative and viable concept during an entire week.

We had to respect three major objectives:

    • Find an innovative and differentiating concept
    • Carry out a complete analysis of the internal and external environment of the company
    • Ensure the financial viability of the project

A large majority of French people considered that getting dressed every morning is a real constraint and a waste of time. Every day it is the same question comes up: « what the hell am I going to wear this morning? »

 If we look at the statistics in France:

    • On average, a closet is composed of 150 clothes
    • Among these clothes, only 44% are really worn
    • Choosing an outfit takes about 17 minutes for women and 13 minutes for men.



An innovative concept

Considering all these observations, we finally decided to create a connected closet, Fast&Dress.

Fast&Dress is an application that would facilitate the choice of an outfit for a person in a fast and efficient way. Our innovative concept offers a large series of advantages:

    • Being stylish and well dressed
    • Offer a wide variety of daily outfits
    • Optimize quickly and efficiently your preparation time, in the evening or in the morning
    • Sort out the clothes that are not or no longer worn in the closet
How does it works?

Using Fast&Dress is very simple! After downloading the application you register and enter in the application all the necessary personal information and the request for access to some applications such as the weather or the calendar. Then comes the scanning step, where you have to scan the pieces of your closet.

Using all this information, Fast&Dress will suggest you several outfits each day, depending on several criteria such as the weather, the calendar, your professional agenda, or your washing needs for example.

The extra touch

We have also integrated an environmental dimension into our concept, considering the growing awareness of French people about the impact of the fashion industry on the environment and the phenomenal growth of the second-hand market.

Fast&Dress offers a sorting and donation function so that we don’t leave unused clothes at the bottom of our closet and promote their second life.